Sunday, August 19, 2012


Hi!  My name is Kyle, and this is my first. blog. post. ever.  I'm really thrilled at this nice welcome mat that the math ed blog community has laid out for folks like myself.  Thanks to everyone (even though I don't yet know who most of you are!)

In terms of teaching experience, I'm a young-un:  I start my student teaching at a high school in Chicago in a few weeks.  I'm really excited to finally get to use all of my ideas with actual students.

As for this blog, I plan to use it as a bit of a reflection space, and as a place to show and refine ideas about how and what to teach. 

My first post for the Math Blogger Initiative is below, and explains the name of the blog.  Hopefully it's interesting :)


  1. Welcome! How awesome that you're starting to blog now. I think back to my student teaching and it's such a blur (the fact that I had mono didn't help), I wish I'd written more down to see how far I've come and re-use whatever awesome ideas I had back then.

  2. Sup Kyle! I agree with ^Tina. Write as much as you can as often as you can. There's really not much advice to give you other than jump in, absorb as much as you can and ASK questions often. If you can't get an answer, try it anyway and ask questions later. You're going to high school so say what you mean and mean what you say. They'll sniff you out in a heartbeat!